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Easy and intuitive

System is exclusively designed to give employees more time to help people. All features are developed with ``one Click`` principle in mind to make it as fast and as simple to use as possible.

Always online

The system is accessible via web browser, tablet and smartphone. You will be able to help people on the move and via text recognition record your records directly into the system. All this to make your work easier.

Safety and speed

Our servers are hosted in your region by Amazon's hosting centers and security is top notch. The data between you and the system is encrypted and all regulations regarding personal data is in compliance. Security, speed and ease of use.

We make your life easier

Get more time for one on one with your patients. While the journals, medical records, statistics and development plans helps you stay certified and in compliance.

  • Advanced functions

    Although the interface is simple, as is the processing under the ``hood`` highly advanced

  • Userfriendly

    Several of the enrolled companies have not yet had the need to contact the support!

What do therapists say about the system?

After we started using Validi we can document data as previously required handwritten lists or was very difficult to enter in the old system.

Louise Hansen
Clinic Manager

After trying other large systems, I must say that this is the first I have met who actually held its promise. It was easier to document patients progress from day one.

Henrik Petersen

Validi is a simple , straightforward program that not only provides an overview of the individual client , but in our case the whole treatment summarized.
It went surprisingly fast to get into the system, although I worked with enrollment and medicine dispencing, and it was the first time I saw that a system could generate detox plans automatically!

Henriette Petra

I have always been very interested in statistics and methods. It was therefore gratifying to see a statistics module that could also provide data that we could use to improve treatment for the clients while they were enrolled with us.

John Henry Hansen

Different packages for different clinics

Basic $7

  • Online records
  • Document upload
  • Task manager
  • Reminders
  • Empowerment system
  • Individual treatment plans for clients
  • SMS reminders for appointments
  • Development plans (with client feedback)

Enterprise $12

  • Online records
  • Document upload
  • Task manager
  • Reminders
  • Empowerment system
  • Individual treatment plans for clients
  • SMS reminders for appointments
  • Development plans (with client feedback)
  • Medicine module
  • Room module

Addons price per month

  • Mobile APP access - $3.99
  • Price per department $46
  • SMS Messages $0.05

All prices are per month per employee and exclude VAT.

Best Prices

No hidden fees. Simple payment every month for what you have consumed. Option of annual payment in advance with a discount.

No Network Restriction

As long as you have Internet access, there is access to the system. Connect with tablets, Smartphones, Mac and PC

Is it safe?

We use the latest programming languages and lightning fast servers in large disaster -proof hosting center in your region.


By locating our servers so close to the major IP hubs in your region, we achieve very fast response times (less than 100ms) on our web solutions.

Simple and Easy

Although the features are advanced, the user interface is still very simple. The most needed information can be obtained without clicking on the mouse.

Support 24/7

Our friendly support staff are ready to assist you throughout the year, around the clock.

Contact VALIDI

Describe your work here if you would like a no-obligation demo of VALIDI in a month. All the data entered in the demo can be converted to life if you should wish to continue.


VALIDI is owned by INDEE ApS, a Danish registered company located in Denmark. We are hosting servers all over the world on Amazon’s network. We are all about quality, security and speed in all our applications.